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How do I love thee, quinoa? Better yet, you cook faster than a pot of rice—quinoa is ready in about 15 minutes. The itsy-bitsy super seeds chia and flax are nutritional powerhouses.

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They both have omega-3 particularly alpha-linolenic acid and omega-6 fatty acids, protein, fiber, flavonoids, and a host of vitamins and minerals—not to mention great flavor and crunch. According to the Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health, research suggests that chia seeds can increase a sense of fullness while reducing appetite, as well as have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. And what better way to enjoy them than combined with dates, sunflower and hemp seeds, and nuts for the ultimate homemade granola bar?

Check out these easy super seedy granola bars from Minimalist Baker.

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  • Boosting your intake of fiber-rich food, including vegetables, is one of the smartest ways to lose weight , according to a review of research published in the Lancet in Plus, it will help you live longer. To incorporate more fiber into your diet, try making an easy Chinese stir-fried vegetable rice using prepared or homemade cauliflower rice as the base. Follow the weight-loss recipe verbatim, or add seasonal vegetables and herbs you already have in the crisper.

    Find out the 15 ingredients doctors always add to their meals. Pure protein marinated in a spicy yogurt sauce to keep it tender and juicy is what weight-loss dreams are made of. Skewering lean chicken or steak tenders is a great way to prepare healthy food fast. One thing French women know is how to make the perfect diet plate.

    Start Meal Planning

    Take Nicoise salad: a couple of cans of tuna in olive oil is best , hard-cooked eggs, steamed green beans, tomatoes, and olives, dressed with vinaigrette. To serve the salad chilled, prep it early or the day before.

    Note: Your best choice for seafood is chunk light tuna, which comes from the smaller skipjack or yellowfin and has less mercury than canned white albacore tuna, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. Chocolate lovers, let go of your guilt: Unsweetened cocoa powder has about two grams of fiber per tablespoon, plus iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc.

    A Keto Diet Meal Plan and Menu That Can Transform Your Body

    Cocoa also has a high flavonoid content, so it can potentially lower your risk of cardiovascular disease , per a review of research published in Frontiers in Nutrition in Clean Eating Food List. Spend more time enjoying long, beautiful days and less time planning your meals. With bikini season around the bend, start prepping now with this easy-to-follow plan. See how satisfying it tastes and feels to trim calories and shed weight for good!

    Sure, you may indulge a little over the holidays, but our day meal plan can help you stay on track!

    The No-Diet Diet: Your New Healthy-Eating Plan

    Radiate a healthy glow and conquer each day with energy when you fuel up with this foolproof plan for nutritious meals. Healthy eating doesn't have to break the bank. Sail through the holidays free of stomach pangs or bingeing guilt with our two weeks of seasonal, nutritious and sacrifice-free meals. Kick off the year by fueling up with two weeks' worth of energizing and satisfying meals.

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