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Les fondements philosophiques de la direction. Les fondements de la pratique administrative: le losange aux quatre dimensions philosophiques.

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Integrity in organizations : building the foundations for humanistic management

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Academy of Management Review, 29 3 , Lombana, J. Estudios Gerenciales, 30, Louden, R. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Marcos, A. Mayo, E. The human problems of an industrial civilization. New York: Macmillan Co. In order to do so, it examines the nature and occurrence of humanistic management practices within businesses and other organizations across the world. It also determines whether a common underlying theme of humanistic management occurs across cultures, and can thus serve as a basis for value management on a global level.

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Corporate Social Responsibility management in Poland 8. The Italian way to Humanistic Management 2. Antecedents to humanistic management approach in India: The role of family businesses Business ethics and corporate system in Japan Emerging insights on world humanism.

Her projects include sourcing in India, supply chain security and sustainability, and comparative procurement practices of German and Indian companies. Her expertise lies in theories and cultural implications of CSR and sustainable business strategies, management in India and global sourcing. Gallen, Switzerland. Shiban is a co-founder of the humanistic management network, and has previously been the executive director of Oikos International.

After years in top management consulting, Wolfgang has been marketing, designing, directing, and delivering executive education seminars for more than a decade. He has also been a visiting professor in institutions around the world. He has written more than a hundred case studies for his programs, along with a variety of books on sound management as well as management education.