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Stream Evil Bong here. This low budget '80s horror follows a family on a farm in Kansas who are menaced by creatures from outer space that look suspiciously similar to the monsters from another movie around the same time.

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Basically, it's Gremlins but bad. Stream Critters here. After a white, yogurt-like food product is found coming out of the ground, it becomes sold for a profit as "The Stuff.

The Objectively Worst Decisions In Horror Movies

There's just one downside. A former FBI agent, hired by the ice cream powers-who-be, finds it contains a parasitic organism and eating it basically turns you into something close to a zombie. Stream The Stuff here.

This '90s movie feels more sinister to watch than it did back then with its depiction of Michael Brower and its parallels with the present online gaming community. Brower's a lonely kid stuck in a big mansion, playing video games and occasionally objectifying the girl next door. When he starts playing a game called Brainscan, he discovers that when he kills a person in the game, they also die in real life. Still, thanks to the character The Trickster, an absurd heavy metal type who pops up every now and then as the game's host, plus the film's ultimate twist, you'll stay laughing.

Stream Brainscan here. Watching this found footage movie, in which two siblings go and visit their grandparents, who act kind of erratically, leaves you more "huh? Still, the black comedy of it all will have you laughing as often as you scream. Stream The Visit here. In this bizarre horror-thriller, a social worker stumbles across an eccentric family: a mother and two sisters and a 21 year old man called Baby who seems to suffer from arrested development. He sleeps in a crib, can't speak, or stand, and social worker Ann grows increasingly worried and tries to intervene.

Another Top 10 Movies So Bad They’re Good

Stream The Baby here. Justin Long plays a podcast maker who's just the worst.

R29 Original Series

He cheats on his girlfriend, snarks about humiliating viral videos, and even makes fun of a Canadian shop girl's accent. So it feels a little like karma biting him in the ass when he has a run in with a psychopath who turns him into a walrus. Slides him into a walrus costume made of human skin.

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  • No metaphors. Complete with tusk bones made out of the bones of one of the unfortunate podcaster's legs. Long as a walrus.

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    It's beautiful. Stream Tusk here. The premise is right there in the title. There are sharks. In Venice! Second best of all is that this movie stars not one, but two celebrities' siblings as the leads: Stephen Baldwin and Vanessa Johansson. Stream Sharks in Venice here. Directed by: Greg McLean. Characters are constantly making bad decisions in this movie. Not only do they agree to attend a year high school reunion in an abandoned building, they each fall for their own simple schemes. In this case, the water's been replaced with acid, which could have been avoided by not taking a bath in a creepy abandoned high school.

    Directed by: George Dugdale, Peter Litten. When she discovers he's a possessed doll, she has a brief moment where she can throw him into a fire and roast the vicious hunk of plastic until he's no more.

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    Instead, she just threatens to throw him in the fire, which gives the doll all the time he needs to break free of her grasp and continue his rampage. Directed by: Tom Holland. Full List of Room Raiders Episodes. Human Bones Or Animal Bones? The Best Tennis Players from France.