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We recommend either the Desktop Template or the Google Doc. You can also create your own version of the toolkit on your desk by creating four headings using sticky notes: Failure, Minimum, Target, and Epic. A good Success Spectrum tells a story. Anyone should be able to visualize and viscerally feel what their world would look like if the project were successful. You want to capture both the forest the goals section, which is higher level and the trees the success spectrum, which can vary in granularity, but should have several specific items. Hopefully, the fact that this is Epic and not expected liberates you from holding back.

Your Target column contains your stretch goals. Sort accordingly. Close that gap! Similarly, there should not be overlap between your Minimum, Target, and Epic columns. Avoid overlap! Try on how they feel, and think about how they might impact your strategies.

Sometimes, goals and success naturally fall into categories. In these cases, you could either create a new row per category or an entirely new Spectrum. Taking the time to create and align around a Success Spectrum is valuable for both individuals and teams. However, to get the most value out of this tool, using the Success Spectrum should be an ongoing practice, not a one-off.

Put your Spectrums somewhere so that everyone will be constantly reminded of them. Review your Spectrums regularly to stay oriented and aligned, and take the time to reflect on the Spectrum afterward to assess success and make meaning of what you learned. The more you practice, the better you will get at working strategically and collaboratively. The idea of defining success along a spectrum was inspired by Kristin Cobble. Unless otherwise stated and to the extent possible under law, we dedicate this toolkit to the public domain. Skip to content Menu Faster Than Make a list of some annoying little chores that are buzzing in the back of your mind, always bugging you because they need to be done.

You can make a big dent in things like cleaning off the top of the refrigerator and filing papers in ten minutes.

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Purposely slice up a bigger task over several days—or weeks. Spending ten minutes every day working on your taxes or decluttering one drawer in the kitchen adds up. Then plan to reward yourself every single time. Spend ten minutes a day each on different tasks to move forward in several areas. Make sure that some of those ten-minute slots are spent doing things that get you closer to your goals, not just maintenance tasks.

What if you spent ten minutes a day writing a book? How much would you get done in three months? Six months? Completing dreaded tasks feels really good. Using the power of ten minutes is an easy way to get them checked off your list and start great momentum towards your goals. Anybody can find ten minutes, and now you know how to harness those minutes for better time management. Her story of losing over pounds with T-Tapp has encouraged thousands of people all over the world. Charlotte writes about family life and T-Tapp at www. As a mom of only one I'm definitely interested in getting qualified tips from a mom of Love the minute idea.

I'm inspired! Wow 12 children! I like the idea of spending 10 minutes on each task and moving on! That appeals to the ADD mind!

Best Practices

I'm going to try this! Time management is a huge problem so me! Thanks for the tips! Look what Elizabeth L Maness just posted.. I love this article. First of all, I am also all about taking time management tips from a mother of twelve!

Best Practices

Instant admiration. And I can do anything for ten minutes. Now I just need to decide what project to start my ten minutes with.

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Making a list of three things I want to accomplish and then applying ten minutes to each. Thank you! I love these tips. It is really easy to do something for 10 minutes, it a lesson we pass on to our three daughters.

Goal visualization

One thing I would agree and applause for is working on something that would work for us. Great thoughts Kim. Its always better to do what is good for us and what works for us. I do something similar but for 25 min.

Ten Tips for Ten-Minute Time Management

I had to put in the 25 min rule because my back was getting so sore from sitting at my desk for long periods. It works a treat. Wow, twelve children! My compliments. But, as a coach, I do not recommend the ten minutes technique if not in emergency. The worst if you cover multitasking with this. Never multitask. Focus and correct time allocation to the single tasks are a must. You get more if in continuity and staying concentrated. The point is good, instead, if you are talking of half an hour at least, given that other conditions are fulfilled.

Thank you, Ugo. Hi Ugo, thanks for your thoughtful comment. Obviously not everything can be done in minute segments. The focus of this article is to help busy people get started on tasks in a way that alleviates their feelings of overwhelm. Getting past the mental block of setting aside longer periods of time leads to small successes that they can build upon.

I built an entire online business in short time segments, with rare but glorious longer slots.