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When you tried to convince the critical people in your life of your value, that was the critical You that you were trying to convince. When you thought that people in your life were judging, rejecting, or neglecting you, that was You doing that to you. Everyone in your life was mirroring you. The whole dream thing was a big clue too, where everyone in your dream is an aspect of yourself.

Just like in a dream, everyone in your life is an aspect of You. Did you figure out that the best way to deal with this cosmic joke was first to lighten up and have a sense of YOUmor?

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Love is the great YOUnifier. Life is a funny, funny riddle. LOVE is the answer. I hope you had fun with it all. God who, by the way, is also YOU. How about You? This is a real joke.

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The joke of this reality is that it appears to be a tragedy, but it is a Divine comedy. The funniest comedy is always tragic. It is only tragic when it is your own and you do not get the joke, when you are the brunt of the cosmic tragedy. The great and awesome master William Shakespeare, outlaid the comic tragedy of life in his plays.

He always showed how stupid humanity is. His tragedies were always for nothing, which is how life is. His comedies always appeared tragic, just as life appears. It is obvious that everyone takes life entirely too seriously. Most people see life as a tragedy. Their lives are tragic because they believe in the lie of their own unworthiness. They feel something hopefully , another reason why people watch the news, to feel something — anger, sadness, passion, compassion, disgust…, because their lives are so passionless, so un-emotional.

When I see the news I think how tragic that everyone takes this reality so seriously.

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How tragic that everyone is more fascinated with drama, conflict and pain than joy, cooperation and love. When I see politicians, bankers, and business people playing their games, I laugh big huge cosmic laughs because they take the game so seriously — it is truly hilarious. If you cannot laugh at life, then you are not going to get it, you will always be the brunt of the joke, you will be the one crying rather than the one laughing. Get the Cosmic Joke! If you see life as a comedy and cannot see it as a tragedy, then you are not living deep enough.

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When you go in this direction, you must become completely hopeless, because nothing can actually solve the deep problems in life. Hopelessness in this sense is a kind of total acceptance of the reality of life. You have to let go of any fantasies of being saved by Heaven, or Nirvana, or the Buddha nature.

None of that is probably going to happen. Nothing at all can save you. You have to let go of hopes of light and super consciousness and bliss. Renounce such fantasies forever. Believe nothing.

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You also have to let go of any fears of how pointless or meaningless everything is. Let go of your hiding in the darkness. The darkness is a great antidote to illusions, but it can itself become just another illusion. A kind of mirror image of the light—an inverse heaven—and is equally a dream.

The Big Cosmic Joke

Instead, when you become hopeless, you become fearless. Another way to say this is that you when you renounce nihilism you also renounce eternalism; when you forgo Hell you also forgo Heaven. Instead, you stand within the mystery of existence, totally naked and totally open to whatever comes next. You are just awake and alive to the present moment.