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This is all very interesting. Trc 1 ,Excelsior 'Hair Tonic. Venus is nearer' to the. The polar regions might correspond andeyer trace or age ,It matters not bow old the ubjeet Is. Btcteary to success in their profession as is the greatest developer of muscle. Even the pass over tbe count of the victims of the mob the most active and enterprising races exist.

Trade Excelsior Bust Food. I Mut Ved coo Saturday pleasure could not be imagined than a day Work commences promptly at 11 oclock The Chicago papers statistics have scarcely tog ourselves, tt find , a de- Guaranteed, to develop a beautlul, plump,white neck and bUlt Price and 3. Price J5OO. A lcl here and a lynching there equatorial zones would be equally trfi' to BE E Gives a natural cozy glow to the cheek act on the blood guaranteed pure.

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Price 81OO. IUe , '. He is 34 " it easy enough if youthink no," as Mr. Shaf pears In its light when wo just considered If they lived near the equa ' :. Of course he minded that this number is only le treme of climate, whilst the Good:quality ' -. Trde' e , lights in a nand and dumped out on i fails and no. C U AIL ordering their,remedies by mai will receive prompt aUentlon Goods iippIcitd b : his or her debut in the profession at about the "right start again.

Confident to have been put to death by mob in this' Fortunately, astronomers are far from ac- Per m, Ladies on the same day the rder reele4. With order. MME M. YALE, mastered all that his father could It Li a great evil that the at all resembles earth , Baring there PictllfBS to make the jump and revolution without tbe mobb destroyed ton Gold. Beauty and Complexion Specialist, an originality which has since astonished the and patient practice to describe so perfect a dozen YEars and that no steps have been ,: also resemble thcwo'of the earth Had Venus the lOc kind 2' C ' Temple of Beauty State, Chicago I.

The effective has cnaiton than Venus. His season closely , remedy which and not! This air from is the the act feet which of cre the to to justify nearly strangers it whose to duty it, arid ia i condemn: tho it. The people of the who tug it a suitable abode for living creatures; disregard for the safety of the life and limbs: worn country IIT ,. The newspapers recognize in Mars tt makes. I made , the inverted legs of father , possible, and THE 2 A. Me that, such a state of affairs can la? It is a poetical. Thiwk of the enormous power for good or or" often vested ia one man: a capitalist oontroiling the miarkets of the world, 3 speculator cornering cotton or wheat, whilst aHn9 e?

H beyowl reach of t? Here are men arrogating to themeelree the IMyine rigitt of superior judgmeytt. I think. Rut they have warded and warned aod exposed their hand a dozen times orer. The Premier sihook his head. I "Absolutely none. The r. I The Hous-e rapidly emptie-d when it became generally known that R-amoti did not intend appearing, and the members gathered in the smoking-room and lob-by to speculate upon the matter which was uppermost in their minds. In the vicinity of Paiaee Yard a great crowd had gathered, as n London orowds will gather, on the off-chance of catching a glimpse of the man whose name was in every mouth.

There was praise in these poor lyrics for Sir Phiiip, who w. The humour of which appealed greatly t-oj Manfred, who. Both men were in evening dress, and Poio- cart were in hie button hole the silken butt-on: of a Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur. Great HeaTt8! The God of Justice ha-s bat one interpreter here.

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Then he turned and, quickening his shuffle, followed on their trail. A press of people and a seeming cease- less string of traffic at the corner of Cockspur-street brought Manfred and PGic- cart to a standstill, waiting for an oppor- tunity to cross the road. They were subjected to a' little jostling as the knot of waiting people thickened, but eventually they crossed and walked towards 8t.

The comparison which Poiccart had qfuoted still rankled with Manfred. Would it not have been God's blessing for the w-o-rkl if Buonaparte had been assassinated on his return from Egypt? He withdrew his hand without the cigar ami whietled a passing oa-o. Manfred looked at him in surprise. What is the matter? I thought you said you would walk. It, may h ive been a rcmraon thief.

It may I not come to their hands at all. I The eab drsw up at the down station at Bak-er-etreet, and the two men alighted. By that time I shall have learnt whether the book has reach-eil Scotland Yard. If Billy Marks had not had a drop of drink he would have been perfectly satisfied with his night's work.

Filled, however, with that false liq iia confidence that leads so many good men a. Billy thought it would be a pin to neglect the opportunities that the gods had shown him. The excitement engendered by the threats of the Four ,J Urlt Mer. Carnberwe'il, Clapham. So, the night being comparatively young, Billy decided to work the trams. He touched a purse from a stout old lady In lyi-aok. BiUy a Rearch w.

Then it was that a gentle voice breathed into his ear. Hullo, blister Howard! Fancy meetin' yooi! Where are you going. Howard, taking Billy's arm affectionately. Howard, leading the unwilling Billy from the crowd; "home. Porter, and see who has lost anything. If you can find anybody bring them along. Howard, still holding Billy's arm affectionately, "tell me how the world has been using you.

Howard sadly—" the same old game, Bill, and I'm taking you to the. Howard, stooping qv. At the police-station the sergeant behind the charge desk pretended to 'be greatly over- joyed at Billy's arrival. Gold watch, half a chain, gold, three rmrE. The sergeant nodded approvingly. Howard, a plain-clothes officer engaged in filling in particulars of the charge, opined nine moon. Billy Marks in consternation. Fact," said the sergeant, "you're a rogue and a vagabond. Billy, you're a petty larcenist. Billy," said the gioler, putting the double lock Oil the 41oor. I In the charge office Air.

Howard and the [sergeant were examining the stolen property, arid three owners discovered by Polfce-con- s-table Porter were laving claim to their own. Pocket-book containing no papers, no cc. What this means I don't know. The page that puzzled the policeman eontained simply a list of streets. Against each street was scrawled a cabalistic character. This was filled with figures. Howard, pointing to the abbreviations:— Will not leave D. Will drive to Hs in M.

At, 2 p arve t. One each rm, three each cor, six basemt, six rf. All drs wide opn to allow each off see another, all spls will carry revr. Nobody except F and H to approach R. In Hse strange gal filled with apt. If nee battalion guards at disposal. The policemen read this over slowly. It was at that precise moment that Oon- stable Howard earned his promotion. The sergeant ha-nded the book over with wondering stare. I think I can find an owner for this," said Howard, his hand trembling as he took tibe book, an-d ramming his hat on his head he ran out into the street.

He did not stop running until he reached the main road. Whitehall, and drive like blasee," he called, and in a few minutes be was explain- ing his errand to t,he inspector in charge of the condon that guarded the entrance of Bowning-street. M6 L reserve," he introduced himself. It looks to me," went on Howard breath- lessly, as though this had something to do with your case, sir.

He read a few words, and then gave a triumphant cry. Our secret instructions," he cried, and catching the constable by the arm he drew him to the entrance hall. The sergeant rose to his feet a-s he recog- nised the famous Fat month and saluted. Billy," said the detective, "I've got a few words to eay to you.

Falmouth," said the aston- ished Billy, and something like fear shaded his face. Billy, I don't want you for anything, and if you'll answer my questions truthfully you may get off the present charge, and get a reward into the bargain. Billy grinned.

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The detective breathed deeply. If your descrip- tion leads to his area that thousand is yeu-rs. I don't lock I a chap in the face when I'm pinching his I watch, do I? There is much colour in the story. The very introduct,ton to "The Purple Curtain" is j via The Yellow Dinnernot perhaps the most harmonious blending of hues, but then the story is not intended as a soporific, nor, indeed, is there a slow movement anywhere.

It opens vigorously and pro- ceeds- with verve through a veritable kaleidoscope of colour and action, including within its borders much intrigue, plot and counter plot, and, besides all else, a delightf-ul love story. I For Women Folk. I1 To keep bread nxoiat. Charcoal put at the bottom of the potato- bin will keep the winter supply of potatoes in good condition till the spring comes round. To make a man-hle fireplace shine nicely apply a small quantity of boot polish.

For dark mar We use black polish, and far light.. To prevent grates becoming rusty, mix the blacklead with equal parts of methy- lated spirit and turpentine; this gives a brilliant gloss when polished and keeps bright a long time. Old-fashioned Blackberry Cordial I Boil together lib. Boil a few minutes, and when cool add a. This ia splendid for diarrhoea. Dose, one wineglass ful. Place tOO peas in the jar, tie ever with paper or parchment oovor, and.

I An interesting touraamrant was played at I jam peter on Mojxlay between Mr. Ba rue's team Llandilo and the Peterwel1 Club, which ended im a win, for the visitors by five matches I to four. Details :— Mrs. Keikey and G. Barnes beat Mies G. J-evifs and A. Tewes and Inglie J. Thompson and A. Bobb, JSLiss Hioe and M.

Puxiey lost to Mise G. Lewee amd IngHft Jones—, , ; beat Mrs. Thompson, and A. Bebb- , Lady Margaret Bice and W. Hughes lost to Miss G. Lewes and A. Thompson—, ; lost to Mdee F. Lewes and Inglis Jon, ; loet to Mrs.

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Bebb- BTitigh Rllbbr E. I 'i 2 U Brookland. Pr ,d. Ceylon Travancore 0 o. East Java? Inch Konnpth. Kuala Selangor ff, 1-A KuruuegaUa,o,o. Pref 8? Merilman 6. Mount Austin 1? Eastern Petrolenm 1ft 1?.. Egyptian Oil Trust A. Java and Borneo I "4 l1',].. Kern River. Oil and Pipe Line ]? Russian Petroleum,6s. Ural Caspian.

Jenny: Yes, poor thing, she hasn't been able to get her feelings hurt at any time to-day. Mother, send me for a dootor.

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How do you know he was drunk? The countryman indignantly replied, "What could he be elee, when he asked for a- shoe- horn to put his hat on with Sakl Deacon Grant, I am told, Mr. Paine, that you are becoming a terrible hard drinker. Conneotften: Did you mistress say I came too often?

The Maid: No; she said you didn't stay away long enough. He: Will you let me kiss you? She: Rumour says that kissing brings disease. He: Then make me an invalid for life. Since its intro- duet ion Oadum has cured thousands of chronic cases of eczema and other unsightly, irritating, and distressing skin diseases after all other remedies had failed.

Cadum stops the terrible itching of eczema. It is also good for pimples, blotches, hives, tetter, itch, acne, herpes, eoaly skin. Many of the results obtained by the use of Cadum are truly wonderful. All GhiiIPets sell Cadum at 7id. A 11J a box. Much has been writter forecasting the early downfall of roller-skating and decrying the game aa a sport, nor do we find, outside the sporting press, ajay endeavour being made to justify the claims of roller-skating to be con- sidered as an athletic exercise and an amuse- ment as well.

A visit to the American Boiler Rink, Wec-tgote-c-u-eet, Cardiff, will convince the public that this 'beautiful amusement is not on the wane, but is gaining interest in the public mind day by day. Games have been transplanted to the rinks from the cinder tracks in the shape of racing, and from the placing fields in the shape of rink hockey. The new cafe at the rink is gaining favour every day, as is evidenced by the crowds of Cardiff ladies who go to the rink every afternoon for tea, where they meet their friends, have the rink ere to look at.

Thomas, the manager, is to be congratulated upon the excellent manner in which the rink is being carried on. The evening session com- mences at seven o'clock, a.

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The match was Cardiff City's first engagement in their Glamorgan League programme. Peake started for the City against a strong sun. After play had been in progress four minutes Watt received in mid-field and, bea-ting Williams and Jones, ran through on his own, and sent in a stinging shot which Percival stopped, but failed to get away, and Peake being on hand had no difficulty in returning to the net. So far the play had been all in favour of the City, but on the re-start the Ton men played a rare bustling game and gave the opposingi defence plenty of work.

Russell placed nicely to Allman, who was not covered, and had a clear course for Huebands' charge. He shot hard and true, but Duffy just got his toe to the ball and turned it outside. Then followed some pretty play by the City front rank, the ball travelling from wing to wing, and Evans finished by sending a, middle from M'Donald just out- side. Husbands wae cheered for a fine save from a melee in front of goal, and Ramsey then tried a long shot, which Percival threw away. The Ton centre was hurt in colliding with Ramsey, and had to be carried off the field, but returned after five minutes.

Ramsey fed Peake, and the visiting centre gave Percival a rare handful, which he dealt with successfully at the second attempt. The home keeper, while playing a great game, was very luoky on several occasions, and at the interval the City led by 1—0. Immediately on the re-staft M'Donald ran right down and finished with a lovely centre, but his fellow-forwards were not up to take advantage. Ramsey pulled up Simms, and then Watt. The play was monopolised by the City, and several corners were gained, but nothing resulted. Some brilliant play by Watt ultimately led to the City's second goal.

Getting the ball in midfield, he beat three men and sent to Evans, who re-passed for Watt to again draw the opposition and send out to M'funald, who was lying unmarked. The right wing trapped the ball and sent it across the goal mouth for Peake, who 'had run up, to turn past Percival, the City's second goal coming after 63 minutes' play. Ton Pentre equalised in six minutes. The first goal came after M'KenTie had been beaten on the right, Tommy Davies driving a low shot through a network of feet and giving Husbands no chance. The same player gained the equaliser after a minute, M'Dongall leaving Hudson unmarked, and the right wing beating Duffy, middled into a crowd of players round ILus- bands, who ran out, but his kick cannoned off M'Kenzie, and before he could get back to his charge Davies had fastened on to the ball and netted it.

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With the score on level terms Ton Pentre played with rare spirit, but the City defence was now itself again. After Watt and Evans had done good work on the left, Peake gained possession, and sent in a lovely shot from twenty yards range. Ton were not done with, and made strenuous efforts for a second equaliser, but Husbands was safe, and dealt in masterly style with the two 6hot. Percival; full-backs. Jack Jones and Russell; half-backs, J. Referee: Mr. NeaJe, Bristol. Aber- dare were not at full strength, but the League fielded a fairly strong team. There was a moderate attendance.

Monmouthshire opened in promising fashion, but their combination was re- peated l,y at fault. After a couple of hot exchanges. Bradbury beat the Iveague defence with a lightning shot.